• A Joint Model for Document Segmentation and Segment Labeling (ACL 2020)
    Joe Barrow, Rajiv Jain, Vlad I. Morariu, Varun Manjunatha, Philip Resnik, Douglas W. Oard

  • It Takes Two to Lie: One to Lie and One to Listen (ACL 2020)
    Denis Peskov, Benny Cheng, Ahmed Elgohary, Joe Barrow, Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Jordan Boyd-Graber

  • MATERIALizing Cross-Language Information Retrieval: A Snapshot
    (LREC 2020, CLSSTS Workshop)
    Petra Galuscakova, Douglas W. Oard, Joe Barrow, Suraj Nair, Han-Chin Shing, Elena Zotkina, Ramy Eskander, Rui Zhang


  • Mitigating Noisy Inputs for Question Answering (INTERSPEECH 2019)
    Denis Peskov, Joe Barrow, Pedro Rodriguez, Graham Neubig, Jordan Boyd-Graber

  • Unsupervised System Combination for Set-Based Retrieval with Expectation Maximization (CLEF 2019)
    Han-Chin Shing, Joe Barrow, Petra Galuscakova, Douglas W. Oard, Philip Resnik

  • Surprise Languages: Rapid-Response Cross-Language IR (EVIA 2019)
    (Many Authors)


  • From Network to Narrative: Understanding the Nature and Trajectory of Russian Disinformation in the U.S. News (IJPP 2018)
    Sarah Oates, Joe Barrow, Bobbie Foster


  • UMDeep at SemEval-2017 Task 1: End-to-End Shared Weight LSTM Model for Semantic Textual Similarity (SemEval 2017)
    Joe Barrow, Denis Peskov



  • BERT from Scratch
    A collection of helper scripts to train a BERT model from scratch on TPUs (using Google Compute Engine).

  • LambdaNet
    Deep learning framework in Haskell (built in 2014, without autograd).